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       Hangzhou Qianhang Cruise Co., Ltd. was established on December 29, 2017. Under the high attention of the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Hangzhou Canal Group Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hangzhou Canal Group Co., Ltd., and the New Third Board Enterprise of Guangdong Shipping Group, Guangdong Blue Dolphin Travel Co., Ltd. (871599) is a joint venture. The company is mainly engaged in the development of water transportation, domestic and inbound tourism in Hangzhou. It is the first state-owned enterprise to develop Qiantang River water tourism.
       The company actively responded to the strategic decision-making of “supporting the development of the river” proposed by the municipal party committee and the municipal government, and deeply participated in the promotion of water economic construction projects such as the Hangzhou Grand Canal, Qiantang River and Sanjiang. With the positioning of “water tourism gold business card, water leisure gathering place”, deepen the industrial layout, do a good job of water articles, and spread the story of Hangzhou cultural brand.
       In the future, the company will integrate experience and participate in special projects on the basis of water sightseeing business, and gradually develop luxury charter tours, water culture folklore tours, Shengshi Qiantang night banquets and other special catering, theme performing arts, wedding ceremonies, birthday banquets, business meetings, etc. The charter service forms a complete lineage of aquatic leisure products.
       The company's goal is to become the main force of "supporting the development of the river", the influential Hangzhou Bay Area water tourism operator.