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The first gift of Jiangjiang development!

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The first batch of ship shape design plans for the Qiantang River Water Tourism Project came out!
Expected to appear in the Spring Festival in 2019
Reporter Ye Yilin Correspondent Ji Shenyi
In November last year, the Hangzhou Canal Group announced the news of developing a water tourism project on the Qiantang River. In the plan, there will be several cruise ships on the Qiantang River in the future, and two lines of day and night tours will be launched. The core operation area is between Qianjiang Bridge and Qianjiang Bridge.
Recently, the design concept of the first two cruise ships has been released! An antique style, a modern sense, is expected to be unveiled before the Spring Festival in 2019!
This hull design attracted more than a dozen design plans from six ship design units including Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Suzhou to participate in the bidding. Finally, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 702 Institute and Guangdong Shipping The schemes of the two design institutes of the Institute of Science won, among which the former was responsible for the design of modern ships and the latter was responsible for the design of antique ships. The two design units are very powerful. Among them, China’s first manned submersible “Xilong” was developed by the “702” research institute; now many of the cruise ships in the Guangzhou section of the Pearl River are shipped by Guangdong Province. Designed and built by the Institute of Science, including the mini version of the "Liaoning".
This time, the two cruise ships on our Qiantang River are about the same size, about 49.9 meters long, about 16 meters wide, and about 400 passengers. They are all three-tiered cruise ships.
In terms of shape and characteristics, the modern ship will freely process Hangzhou silk to create a streamlined style, combining the elements of the modern architecture of Hangzhou with the characteristics of the times.
The design concept of the antique ship is very special, called "boat city". The theme of the ten city gates and the city tower of the ancient city of Hangzhou. There are a door on the front and back of the antique boat, and there are four doors on each side: Wulinmen, Lushanmen, Fengshanmen, Qingtaimen, Wangjiangmen, Houchaomen, Qingbomen, Yongjinmen, Qiantangmen and Qingchun. door. Among them, Fengshanmen is the only real ancient city wall and ancient city gate in Hangzhou. It is also the throat of the Jiangnan Canal leading to the Qiantang River. Therefore, the main entrance of the bow is also the most eye-catching door. It is named as “Fengshanmen”. ". On both sides of the Fengshan Gate, "Phoenix Qifei", taking the meaning of "Fengqi" is a symbol of auspicious harmony. The ancient city of Hangzhou symbolizes the hull throughout the design, which truly enables tourists to pursue the city's memory during the boat trip, and feel the artistic conception of “one mountain, one water, one dream, one boat and one city tour hometown”, and enjoy the exotic Hangzhou.
In addition, both cruise ships use an electric propulsion system that not only provides less noise, but also saves 30% of energy compared to conventional diesel-fired vessels.
After the design bidding work is completed, the specific design of the function and technical aspects of the cruise ship must be carried out before the construction can begin. It is expected that the two ships with Hangzhou characteristics will appear on the Qiantang River before the Spring Festival of 2019! In addition, it is planned to launch six cruise ships before the Asian Games.
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Launched two routes for day and night tours
Recent core operating area
Between a bridge and a second bridge
In the future, several luxury cruise ships will be placed on the Qiantang River, and the operation mode of the “Pearl River Tour” will be referred to. “Overall, it is a model of tour and entertainment products. You can not only enjoy the scenery on both sides of the Qianjiang River, but we also theme the boat, for example, a toy boat, all of which are all kinds of toys. Suitable for parent-child families; for example, getting a gourmet boat, turning a boat into a restaurant, or even a wedding... mainly based on high-end leisure."
The navigation scope of the Qiantang River cruise ship, the recent core operation area is from the waters of nearly 26 kilometers between Qianjiang Bridge and Qianjiang Second Bridge; the long-term plan extends to the north and south, including the Qiantang River Hangzhou City section (Yuanpu Bridge to Dajiangdong New City) 92 km range.
Open two regular routes for the Qiantang River water day tour and the Qiantang River night tour: the daily route, plan to board the ship at the pier of the Liuhe Tower, and enjoy the Qianyi Bridge, Liuhe Tower, Baita Park, Qianjiang New City and Olympic Sports. The historical landscape and urban customs of the ancient and modern cities such as Expo City;
The night tour route is the main product of the upper reaches of the Qiantang River. It is envisaged to formulate different package travel products. Visitors can dine on the boat and enjoy the light show on both sides of the Qiantang River while enjoying the unique charm of “Water·City·Light·Shadow”. At that time, the Qianjiang Fourth Bridge (Fuxing Bridge) is also planning to create a three-day dynamic night lighting show, which was originally named as "Hidden Dragon Tengyuan", "Flower Good Moon" and "Revival Rainbow".