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The first batch of luxury Qiantang River cruise ships were beautiful, and the value was against the sky.

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Where do you go with your child on weekends? Want to open a birthday, is there a special romantic place? In the future, these wonderful places include the Qiantang River in addition to the “West Lake”
Heavy news:
The first batch of luxury Qiantang River cruise ships were beautiful, and the value was against the sky.
It is expected that the 2019 Spring Festival will be unveiled in Qiantang River.
Correspondent Ji Shenyi Wu Juan Chen Wei
Reporter Xiong Yan
Hangzhou Qianhang Cruise Co., Ltd.
Where do you go with your child on weekends? Want to open a birthday, is there a special romantic place? In the future, these wonderful places include the Qiantang River in addition to the “West Lake”; at the end of last year, we reported on the Qiantang River luxury cruise ship. Now, this “Bangjiang Development” spree has a clearer look – the cruise ship that everyone is looking forward to has a concrete appearance.
Is the cruise beautiful?
Let's take a look at the cruise ship design of the two winning units in different Chinese and Western styles.
Ship design renderings
The new ship adopts an ancient and modern design style, using energy-saving and emission-reducing electric power to drive the system. In terms of ship design features, modern ships combine the elements of the modern architecture of Hangzhou with the dynamic characteristics, fully borrowing the elements of luxury cruise ships at sea, breaking the traditional passenger ship design concept, adopting a deconstructive approach and discarding the old-fashioned design form. Silk is handled in a modern structure, perfectly interpreting the fusion of the artistic beauty of the rogue millennial classical culture with the modern temperament of the fashion; the interior space introduces the luxurious lobby that rises to the top deck, using the concept of innovative and empty stage, effectively improving The comfort and visual beauty of the space greatly shortens the circulation time of passengers.
Ship design renderings
The ancient ship is combined with the design concept of "boat city". The ancient city of Hangzhou symbolizes the hull throughout the design. The most important Nanchengmen Fengshan Gate is the bow. The north gate is the stern of the stern. The other gates correspond to different orientations. By drawing on the essence of Hangpai architecture and combining classical elements to decorate the inside and outside of the ship, the tourists can truly pursue the city memory on the way of the boat, and feel the artistic conception of “one mountain, one water, one dream, one boat and one city tour hometown”. The usual Hangzhou. Qian Hang's two new ships can be described as the miniature of modern Hangzhou and ancient Hangzhou.
The staff of Hangzhou Canal Water Bus Co., Ltd. introduced that the two luxury cruise ships built this time are 49.9 meters, and it is also the first time for Hangzhou to build a large-scale water luxury sightseeing cruise ship with more than 400 passengers. The cruise project includes the construction of several docks, more than ten vessels, water distribution centers, and supporting commercial facilities.
Is the fare expensive?
The Qiantang River water tourism project has been in short supply.
    Since 2002, the City Canal Group has opened a Qiantang River water upstream route, which is opened every Tuesday and Saturday night. The sailing time is 3 hours.
   “With the scenery on both sides of the Qiantang River getting better and better, it is basically hard to get a ticket now,” said the staff of the water bus. There are 98 boats in a row, and the number of passengers can be about 70. You must buy tickets in advance.
At present, the water bus Qiantang River small boat passenger seat is 98 seats, the upper cabin is 220 yuan one person, the lower cabin is 150 yuan one person, of which 120 cm or less children free tickets, 120 cm to 150 cm children half tickets. "After preliminary research, the future price of the Qiantang River cruise ship may be similar to the current price, between 150 yuan and 220 yuan, but the specific number will be determined according to the actual operation situation." The staff said.
What is the route?
As a virgin land that has not yet developed tourism resources, what are the tourism resources on both sides of our Qiantang River?
The Canal Group has commissioned Beijing Dadi Scenic Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd. to conduct a preliminary investigation of the water tourism resources of Qiantang River. This company has done tourism planning for the Hangzhou section of the Grand Canal, the Lancang River, the Yellow River and the Three Gorges.
The investigation report pointed out that the tourism resources on both sides of the Qiantang River are still very rich. Upstream Jiangnan charm, downstream urban appearance, and development of tourism projects are good opportunities to build urban brands.
The upper reaches of Fuyang, Tonglu and other places are green mountains and green waters. The beautiful scenery continues to the Liuhe Tower area, and the historical and cultural heritage is deep, such as “Fuchun Mountain Residence”, Guanchao Culture, Guoxue Culture, etc.; The modern scenery of Qianjiang New City, such as “Sun and Moon Tonghui”, city balcony, G20 light show, is completely different.
    What is the cruise route?
    The staff said that it is mainly divided into recent and long-term as well as day and night tours. “The recent focus is on the 26-kilometer waters between Qianjiang Yiqiao and Qianjiang Second Bridge as the core operation area; the long-term plan is to extend the route to the north and south, including 92 kilometers along the Qiantang River Hangzhou City section (Yuanpu Bridge to Dajiangdong New City). Scope."
    The daily travel route is mainly based on the “Water and Land Tour” products. Taking advantage of the proximity of the West Lake and Songcheng in the Liuhe Tower, the waterfront enjoys the historical landscape and urban customs of the Qianjiang River Bridge, Liuhe Tower, Baita Park, Qianjiang New City and Olympic Sports Expo City, while the night tour It is mainly based on the “Qiantang River Water Upstream”. Through the tour and boat entertainment combination, it also integrates different catering to form a series of package products.
Is the cruise project fun?
To ask the Qiantang River cruise ship is not fun, you can first look at one of the project partners - Guangdong Blue Dolphin Travel Co., Ltd.
Before proceeding with the planning, the project team went to Guangzhou several times and “acquired” from the Pearl River. The Guangzhou section of the Pearl River is a river in the city where the development of domestic tourism resources is early and at the forefront. There are dozens of luxury cruise ships on the river. At night, the lights are bright and the scene is bustling. The Pearl River Night Tour has become a brand tourism project in Guangzhou. And this "Blue Dolphin" is the first company to "Pearl River Cruises Day and Night Tour".
NBA star Jeremy Lin has posted a microblog: "I have a great time on the Pearl River cruise tonight! The most special thing about Guangzhou is the fans." He mentioned in the Weibo the "Blue Dolphin" boat. Activities like this have been held many times on the Blue Dolphin Cruise: Bayern China Meet, Cross-Year Countdown, Romantic Wedding, Corporate Anniversary, Food Festival and more.
    "These activities are very chic and interesting. It is different from the previous boat with a guide to see the scenery along the way, let everyone's tourist destination become a boat, and each cruise ship itself is a beautiful landscape." Hangzhou General Manager Zhang Chaoyin of Qianhang Cruises Co., Ltd. said.
    The company will take "high starting point positioning, high standard planning, high quality development" as the development concept, and take the "post G20 era" and the main venue of the Asian Games as the premise, and focus on the development goal of "building Hangzhou boutique water upstream business card" Development, through the improvement of basic service facilities, optimization of resource allocation, enrichment of water upstream product formats, to create a full-sea water tourism destination. In the future, the company will gradually carry out in-depth development and packaging of Qianjiang and canal watershed resources, and build tourism products led by Hangzhou's water upstream image to meet the individual needs of different tourists and create new tourism positions. I believe that under the strong tourist voice of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on calling for the “Qianjiang Era” and “Building World-class Tourism Products”, Hangzhou is the most comprehensive tourist destination, and the Hangzhou Canal Group and Guangdong Blue Dolphins have formed “money”. The company will inherit and utilize the resources of Qiantang River to convey the cultural value of Hangzhou to the whole world. Zhang Chaoyin said
Heavy news:
The first two cruise ships are expected to be launched in the Spring Festival of 2019.
"After the completion of the bidding for new ship design, we will continue to deepen the specific implementation plan and start the tender for ship construction as soon as possible. It is expected that two cruise ships with Hangzhou characteristics will make their debut in Qiantang River before the Spring Festival in 2019," the staff said. It is reported that a total of six cruise ships are planned to be launched before the Asian Games.
As the first large-scale water luxury sightseeing cruise ship in Hangzhou for more than 400 passengers, the Qiantang River cruise ship has an epoch-making historical significance. In the future, it will strive to innovate the unique water project belonging to Hangzhou, serving Hangzhou and even Chinese and foreign tourists from home and abroad. The important role of the Qiantang River water tourism market is also an important historical moment in response to the government's strategy of “supporting the development of the river” and opening a new chapter in the upper reaches of Hangzhou.