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The first two cruise ships in the “upstream of Qiantang River” are expected to be launched in 2019.

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Where do you go with your kids on weekends? a cruise ship on the Qiantang River, a boat toy
Where do you go with your kids on weekends? a cruise ship on the Qiantang River, a boat toy
Where is the wedding party birthday party going? Qiantang River on the cruise ship, a boat of food
A few days ago, the Express reported on the news of the development of a water tourism project on the Qiantang River. This is the first gift that Hangzhou citizens received after the Jiangjiang development strategy was put forward.
In the past, when people mentioned Qiantang River tourism, people would think of the August tide. What new surprises will this bring to the development of the water tourism project? When can I experience it? Many readers call us, Express reporters continue to interview the Hangzhou Canal Group, and the relevant personnel involved in the preliminary planning to further understand the preparation process and behind-the-scenes stories of the Qiantang River water tourism project.
Create a Qiantang River Tour
Why do you want to learn from the Pearl River?
Hangzhou Canal Group will jointly establish Hangzhou Qianhang Cruise Co., Ltd. with Guangdong Blue Dolphin Travel Co., Ltd. to develop Qiantang River tourism and leisure routes.
Why choose to work with a Guangdong company?
It turned out that before the planning was started, the project team of the Canal Group responsible for Qiantang River Tourism went to Guangzhou and “acquired” the Pearl River. The Guangzhou section of the Pearl River is a river in the city where the development of domestic tourism resources is early and at the forefront. There are dozens of luxury cruise ships on the river. At night, the lights are bright and the scene is bustling. The Pearl River Night Tour has become a brand tourism project in Guangzhou. And this "Blue Dolphin" is the first company to "Pearl River Cruises Day and Night Tour".
In fact, there are also cruises on the Qiantang River. During the summer, the cruise ships that sailed from the Grand Canal will enter the Qiantang River through the Sanbao Ship Lock. What is the special place for the Blue Dolphin's "Pearl River Tour" to let Qiantang River learn from it?
In June 2016, NBA star Jeremy Lin sent such a microblog: "I have a great time on the Pearl River cruise tonight! The most special thing about Guangzhou is the fans." And with a photo of interacting with fans on the cruise deck. . The Pearl River cruise ship mentioned in his Weibo is the "Blue Dolphin" ship. The event held on the cruise ship was the last stop of Jeremy Lin’s meeting in Guangzhou.
Activities like this have been held many times on the Blue Dolphin Cruise: Bayern China Meet, Cross-Year Countdown, Corporate Anniversary, Food Festival and more. This innovative operating model is also the reason why the Canal Group is looking at them.
“In the past, I was sitting on a boat and watching the scenery. The operating model with a commentator was relatively old-fashioned. The new mode of operation is to turn the ship into a tourist destination, not just a means of transportation. I just want to go. Playing on the boat, not to go to other places by boat." The relevant person in charge of Canal Group Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. said.